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17th June 2024




The Ministry of Health is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for residents in and around the town of St. George. Two rounds of spraying for pests were conducted since the demolition of the Jamrock area within the St. George’s Market Square.  Senior Environmental Officer attached to Vector control within the ministry of health, Kenny James says there has been an ongoing issue relating to the pests and rodent control within the St. George’s market. He added that with the demolition of the Jamrock, one area where roaches were prevalent, some of these pests are now noticeable and the ministry of health is working speedily to ensure that they are eliminated.

James says this move will aid in eliminating breathing sites. He said during the demolition process, his men were on the ground spraying the area to control the insects from spreading into other areas. A second round of spraying was done on Monday he says to capture those that escaped.

James said a series of pest control will be conducted during the course of the week to ensure that all pests within that area are eradicated. He noted that while the ministry of health has put in place a rodent control project for the town of St George, there is a sanitation issue and he believes that every citizen who litters should be held accountable. The number of Rats in the town has decreased he said, and that is as a result of the ministry’s Rodent control program. In-spite of the rodent control program, James said there is a sanitation issue in the town. He blames this on the inappropriate  disposal of foods by people traversing the capital. this he says creates infestation by rodents. James sends out a plea to the general public to dispose of their food material in a sanitary way. Put it in a bin.  According to James, proper disposal of garbage is paramount to the successful eradication of these pests and rodents throughout the streets of St George.



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