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24th June 2024




What was the thinking of the people’s revolutionary government when the national insurance scheme was set up?

The answer was probed on GBN’s beyond the headlines program on Monday.

Member of the people’s revolutionary government Ewart Lane providing clarification on the rationale for the creation of the National Insurance Scheme explains that prior to 1983 only public servants were entitled to a pension under the laws of Grenada.

Lane says this pension for public officers is protected under the constitution by what he terms a deeply entrenched clause.

He notes that the introduction of pension for all citizens was not unique to the PRG but part of a post-World War Two movement led by the International Labour Organization.

Lane adds that this is also where the pension disqualification act of 1983 came in.

He further elaborated on the pension disqualification act.

Layne said the PRG’s intent was for the NIS Act to contain two provisions that would have mandated the minister to provide for public servants however such improvements were not made.


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