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25th May 2024




Education Minister Emmalin Pierre says if government is to consider payment for teachers marking the student based assessments, consideration may have to be made for an increase of CXC fees.

She was at the time addressing Tuesday’s post cabinet brief, where one of the issues discussed was a recent circular by the Teachers Union, reminding teachers that it is not their responsibility to mark the assessment and exam papers.

The GUT through the circular, reminded teachers, that all hard copies of SBA’s should be sent directly to the Ministry.

Additionally, it said that all final marks should not be submitted or uploaded online.

There has been a conversation around the marking of the papers with it being considered as “additional responsibilities”, for which teachers should be compensated.

Education Minister Emmalin Pierre, using what she termed “the Jamaica example”, says extra pay may equate to increased C.X.C exam fees.

That cost she says would be passed onto the parents.

She added that 17 out of 22 schools, on Friday, submitted their marks.

At the end of Monday, 19 of the 22 schools submitted grades and the Ministry expected more during the course of the week.

The Education Minister says however that the education act speaks about the assessment of students.

She says the ministry views the marking of SBAs as part of teachers’ responsibilities.

She agrees that teachers work hard and long hours and may deserve more, but it cannot be afforded at this time.

C.X.C, Minister Pierre added, will be visiting Grenada soon, to hold additional discussions on SBA’s.

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