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21st July 2024




Overcrowding is one of the issues plaguing many educational institutions on the island.

The South St. George government is one of those schools considered over populated, which means the school has surpassed the intended capacity.

This learning institution has four hundred students, leading to cramped classrooms and reduced learning space.

Principal Davis Adams says they are proud of what they have accomplished despite the challenges.

Parents are normally encouraged to place children in schools within proximity to where they live.

However according to Adams, South St. George is unique, in that the school’s population stretches beyond their immediate surroundings.

The ministry of education Adams says is aware of their situation.

Our news desk engaged Chief Education Officer miss Angela Finley on plans to address this as well as other issues.

She told GBN that they are aware of the rural to Urban migration issue and that of overpopulated and under populated schools.

She says while there are no immediate plans specific to South St. George government School, the ministry has always taken a policy decision to review and take appropriate action as necessary.

She adds that presently refurbishment work is being undertaken on the facility.

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