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14th June 2024




A group of seventy four farmers from Martinique are on a 7 day expedition in Grenada.

While here the French team will visit and interact with local farmers, exchanging information and techniques.

Their mission was arranged through the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with GRENROP.

It’s the team’s second visit to Grenada.

The group from Martinique, comprising of both farmers and trainees in Agriculture, on Wednesday visited the Chinese Agriculture mission in La Sagesse St. David.

There they got a taste of Chinese cuisine, as well as a tour of the Farm.

Jonathon Francis, supervisor for the southern agriculture district says the exchange was informal and the guests had a one on one exchange with farmers.

“They would see how we do, some of the successes and maybe challenges that we have and they would also relay to us some of their challenges, experiences and successes relative to the type of farming being done in Martinique and Guadeloupe.”

Martinican farmers have been visiting different Caribbean islands and exchanging ideas for the last 19 year.

Leader of the group Sylvie Becrit says this trip to Grenada so far has been very rewarding.

“All the group has been really impressed with the work that has been done by the farmers of Grenada.. in terms of spices, plantation.. we are very impressed and we are going back with a very positive image of Grenada.”

She says they intend to implement some of the techniques they have seen in Grenada, back in Martinique.

At least 10 farms and Agro-Processing Centers will be visited during the mission.

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