Grenada Broadcasting Network

21st May 2024




An ongoing dispute dating back to the year 2000, between the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union and CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, has finally being resolved.

It is one of the issues which predated the proposed sale of First Caribbean to the Grenada Cooperative Bank which the union vehemently sought to delay if outstanding issues were not addressed.

It recently came before the new Labour Commissioner Reginald Lord.

The outstanding dispute centered around the refusal of the Bank to pay the correct rate of time-and-a-half for scheduled overtime work done by workers on Fridays dating back to the year 2000.

The Bank had already accepted former Labour Minister, Peter David’s recommendation that the workers must be paid for the period dating back to the year 2000 from which the breach first occurred.

Labour Commissioner, Reginald Lord met with the parties on Monday August 29, 2022, and made his recommendations which the Bank accepted. The Bank has requested time to revisit the calculations and then make the corrected payments.

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