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25th May 2024




The stalwarts among us are always worth celebrating.

Last evening GBN brought you the latest centenarians to celebrate, bringing the number known on island to date to now 23.

Today yet another centenarian is being celebrated.

With just a little hearing impediment, all her faculties are intact, with no health challenges.

A mass was held on Tuesday in celebration of Mrs.Aileen Alexis of Archibald Avenue St. George’s.

Aileen was the first child born to Imelda and Charles Browne on November 24th1920 in Mesopotamia.

She later migrated to Grenada where she has married and lived for the past seventy four years.

Mrs. Alexis lived to see up to her third generation, four children, eight grand and seven great grandchildren.

Today as she celebrates, Alexis reminisce on her earlier years part of which was her spiritual upbringing, her love for exercising and her love for Grenada.

Her only living sibling Nuala Menezes remembers fondly her days under Aileen’s care, as their mom had to work to maintain their family.

One of her Children is leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC);  Franka Alexis Bernadine, highlighted some of the attributes that remained with her to this day.

Eldest surviving grandchild Ms. Aria St Louis’ experience as a child visiting her grandparents during the summer holidays was that of the little pocket change to purchase her favorite snacks.

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