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16th July 2024




Educators and students continue to hold their breath until they see or hear the first hammer hitting the nail on its head.

They are now awaiting the start of the re-construction of the public library after many years of promises by successive administrations.

The public library has been out of commission for nearly 20 years.  It was damaged during the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

The place of learning was permanently closed in 2011 because of further deterioration brought about by termite infestation.

Years of pleas for its re-commissioning have been met by a series of promises. According to Education Minister Senator David Andrew its finally on the cards for action.

The Grenada Public Library has housed more than sixty thousand books, a large collection of Newspapers, reports, magazines, and other important documents.

The Government is trying to make these available in electronic form.

There have been several petitions and appeals for the restoration of the Library. Grenadian Author, David Ambrose is among those engaging in efforts to raise funds to support the project.

A start date for the restoration project has not been announced.


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