Grenada Broadcasting Network

20th July 2024




Airlift not only affects people but just as important the movement of cargo to Grenada as well as exports of fresh produce and fish to international markets.

There have been significant effects in that industry in terms of consistent weekly airlift.

The Government of Grenada has encountered challenges in regard to airlift that can assist with the export of fresh produce and fish to the United States which is the major buyer.

According to Civil Aviation Minister Clarice Modeste Curwen they have had to rely on Spiceisle Fish House, one of the major private exporters, to ensure that a cargo plane collects fresh fish weekly, primarily while including some of the local fresh produce.

Despite major exporters having come up with this alternative the Civil Aviation Minister says these substitutes are still not enough for the amount to be exported.

She says government has been approached by potential private exporters who are seeking to take advantage of the southbound airline routes which are currently a loss for Grenada.

Minister Modeste Curwen notes that collaboration among stakeholder ministries is a critical aspect and government has already committed to one private exporter’s proposal.

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