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25th May 2024





Venezuela’s self-declared interim president Juan Guaido has declined offers from the presidents of Mexico and Uruguay to mediate talks with embattled president Nicolas Maduro.

In an open letter published Friday, Guaido urged the leaders to choose the “right side of history” amid the crisis in Venezuela.

“At this historical moment in our country, to be neutral is to be on the side of a regime that has condemned hundreds of thousands of human beings to misery, hunger, exile and even death,” he wrote.

Venezuela’s Guaido refuses to rule out accepting us military support amid escalating political crisis.


Mexico and Uruguay called for an international conference of neutral countries to facilitate talks between Maduro and the opposition next week.

Guaido said he was declining the invitation on behalf of Venezuelans, the country’s democratic institutions and the national assembly and noted that they won’t participate in negotiations “to keep human rights violators in power.”

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