Grenada Broadcasting Network

17th July 2024




The Grenada National Insurance Scheme held its first consultation on Thursday as it charts the way forward in developing new policies and services within the institutions.

Trade unionists, officials from the employer federation, and business owners are just a few of the stakeholders who participated in the first in a series of consultations on the future of the National Insurance scheme.

Chairman of the NIS Philbert Lewis says over the year’s serval reviews were done with suggestive changes that were not implemented.

Some of these changes are now being implemented to ensure that the public can fully gain from the NIS, and that it is not on the road to collapse.

Lewis says consultations will continue over the next month, in a bid to educate the nation’s populace on the NEW movement of NIS.

The introduction of an unemployment benefit, an increase in the retirement age, and contributions of employees and employers, are just a few of the topics that were discussed.

The first consultation was held at the Grenada trade centre Annex on Thursday.

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