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24th July 2024




He has been one of the most vocal in the fight for the 4 percent increase in salaries for public officers.

Now he has stepped up from the role of first vice president of the Grenada union of teachers to the major role of president.

GBN sought to find out from Jude Bartholomew how he would temper his passion for the teaching fraternity as he leads the oldest union in Grenada.

The reinstatement of Pension and Gratuities is one of the major goals for President Elect of the Grenada Union of Teachers Jude Bartholomew.

He shared his plans with GBN during an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

Bartholomew says Teachers and other public officers can no longer be subjected to retiring into poverty.

The President-Elect is hoping to bring to an end contract work among teachers and by extension public workers via the regularization process.

The 4 percent salary increase is the most burning issue for public sector unions currently. Bartholomew says the fight started by his predecessor Marvin Andall will continue under his presidency.

He reiterates teachers and other public servants continue to sacrifice daily while government is not even keeping its promise to pay.

The President-Elect is calling on teachers to rally their support for current President Marvin Andall, the executive, and the union as they go forward.

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