Grenada Broadcasting Network

25th May 2024




The National Democratic Congress NDC is concerned with the recent amendments to the conveyancing and law of property act.

NDC’s representative Phillip Alexander believes that the recent amendments to the conveyancing and law of property act is a temporary plaster on the overall issue of the poor state of the registry and its records.

Alexander, who is an expert in the field, questions the lack of proper consultation with the stakeholders involved in land conveyance. The search period for the conveyance of land from one party to another was changed from sixty years to thirty.

He says this amendment does not fix the challenges faced with the physical state of the registry or help with improving the ease of doing business rankings.

Alexander says the public would be shortchanged with this new thirty year period for title searches which opens up chances for legal battles.

He is proposing recommendations that are not new to those in conveyance that would strengthen the present structure.

Alexander says the current conveyancing act leaves loopholes as the entire history of the transaction for a particular plot is not recorded which needs to be rectified.

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