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25th May 2024




The National Disaster Management Agency NADMA is seeking to ensure all stakeholders are up to date and any weaknesses eliminated with the process of recovery after a crisis or emergency.

A two day workshop just completed involved district officers from NADMA, technical personnel and senior public servants, hosted by central statistical office and NADMA.

In an interview with the GBN, Acting disaster coordinator Sylvan Mc Intyre says the damage assessment and needs analysis which needs to be done within a certain period of time would inform the process of recovery, while deciding whether local or international support is warranted.

Mc Intyre explains that day two specifically dealt with senior public servants, notably the permanent secretaries, exposing them to the national disaster plan and the damage assessment and needs analysis plan.

Halim Brizan, director of statistics and chair of the damage assessment and needs analysis subcommittee who leads the process for NADMA, highlights on the importance of helping stakeholders understand their roles.

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