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17th July 2024




The construction of the Mt. Kuma road started under the NNP regime as an alternative route after the collapse of part of the Molinere Road in 2019 and continued under the Transformation agenda of the NDC.

This move was done to accommodate public vehicles especially heavy trucks, which were re-routed through New Hampshire to connect to the western road.

The Mt Kuma project saw the construction of 3200ft of asphalt road and has a projected cost of over 15 million dollars.

Prime mister Dickon Mitchel appealed to drivers to proceed  with due care and attention.

It was also a proud day for Minister for mobilization Andy Williams.

About sixty people were employed on the project , which was contracted to Gilbert and partners Engineering.  December 2022 was the initial  completion date. However, it was extended to March 2023 due to inclement weather which caused mudslides and other challenges.

Parliamentary representative for St George North East Ron Redhead says additional safety procedures will be taken to protect road users from rock slippage.

The Molinere Road remains under reconstruction and the Mt. Moritz main road is still being used for the lighter vehicles plying the western Corridor.

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