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25th May 2024




The six Grenadian artistes from the spice isle, ensured that Grenada was well represented at the International Soca Monarch.

Mr Killa cruised away with the international title, while Mr. Legs placed third in the power soca category and V’ghn third in the groovy.

Mr Killa spoke to trinidad journalists following his win….he called it “from nothing to something”

With a presentation theme set around the movie “300’, Mr Killa did not disappoint as he ran away with the international title, ahead of Trinidad’s Iwer George, who came in second.

It was one of the most highly anticipated soca monarch competitions in recent years, as many looked forward to a rivalry between Mr Killa and Iwer, while wondering if the crown will actually leave Trinidad.

But in the end, Killa, rowed away with the victory.

He told Trinidad media that it was a dream come through, winning the title.

As to what’s next for the Grenadian soca artiste, he says he want to ‘bust a whine’ on the grammy stage bad.

Mr Killa is also the first Trinidad non-national to win the title in the power category.

Grenada’s Mr Legs also gave an impressive performance with his song ‘Whinning challenge’.

So too did Lil Natty and Thunda in the Soca Segment, with ther 2018 winning song ‘Get in your section’.

V’ghn, claiming the third spot in the Groove category commanded a masterful performance with ‘Trouble in the Morning’, as did Mandella Links the Jab Jab prince, with ‘Tombstone’.

The teams have not yet indicated when they will return home as they noted a number of scheduled performances at shows in Trinidad.

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