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18th July 2024




The million-dollar poultry Farm at Felix Park, St. Andrew project is expected to be funded with support from the Grenada Development Bank of approximately 2.5 million dollars and additional funds from its Manager Kyran Crosdale.

Grenada Chick Inn Farm is expected to span over a 9-acre property and will consist of six (6) large buildings and three (3) small ones.

The farm will have the capacity to hold over 90,000 whole live birds and has the ability to produce 35,000 baby chicks per week.

The operations of the farm will include the hatching of eggs, processing, and packaging of ready-to-cook chicken as well as feed for local farmers.

Minister for Agriculture, Senator Adrian Thomas, said this farm can make a huge difference in Grenada’s Poultry Industry.

The testing phase of operation is due to begin in April.

Manager Kyran Crosdale said there will be employment opportunities for 100 people.

Crosdale said Grenada Chick Inn Farm wants to be the supporting infrastructure for the poultry industry.

Chief Vet and Livestock Officer, Dr. Kimond Cummings, in seeking to quell the concerns of small poultry farmers, says no one will be left behind.

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