Grenada Broadcasting Network

24th May 2024




Operation ‘Tango’ will cause the closure of the Maurice Bishop International Airport on Wednesday, for a two hour period.

The full scale preparedness exercise that will test the MBIA’s response to emergencies will see the international airport closed from 9am to 11am.

The emergency drill is mandatory every two years and during this exercise two main areas will be tested; safety and security of operations.

Director of operations for the Grenada Airports Authority [GAA] Christina Joseph says the staff has been conducting training to better understand their roles and functions.

CEO of the Grenada Airports Authority Wendy Francette Williams says a scenario has been prepared and will be rolled out next Wednesday.

The emergency response of medical personnel on island, the safety and security personnel within the GAA as well as the RGPF will be tested.

Williams is confident and believes the airport staff will be able to pass the exercise.

One of the objectives of the exercise is to identify any weaknesses in the recently revised Airport Emergency Plan and make improvements.

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