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18th July 2024




The metal chastity cage aims to restrict a man’s sexual pleasure. You still have to use this steel sex toy wisely by making the right choice. The chastity cage dates from the time when the men of France on the crusades ensured the fidelity of their beauties thanks to a chastity belt with a lock, made of steel or pieces of leather. As they took off this steel belt for sexual freedom, their partners, the men, demanded that their penises be put under the control of a device of steel cages!

Revenge of history or not, chastity is today, in France, a reality for many men. You would be surprised to know that a crossed man wears a chastity cage, under his aspect of absolute male.

Current models of ring devices, the price of which ranges from 30 to 200 €, are comfortable and safe. The goal is long-term wear. Some males only remove it once or twice a year for fun. It is important that the parts of this cage of controlled enjoyment are of first quality, stainless. This quality has a price. Over time, plastic chastity cage models are not the most suitable, nor are silicone ones. Despite their lower price. Plastic chastity cages are difficult to clean and retain humidity (harmful to hygiene) where silicone, even of good quality, will tend to become sticky with perspiration. Although their price is somewhat higher, opt for a stainless steel model whose weight does not allow men to forget about it.


Continuous submission of the man for permanent arousal of the male
The chastity cage worn by a man is part of BDSM games of submission and transfer of powers. This form of sexuality aims to create sexual tension in the desire to enjoy. It is the functioning of sexuality that comes up against the reality of life with one’s partner. Except that here, only one partner will find sexual satisfaction in pleasure and orgasm. The other partner will remain in denial. The chastity cage acts on the primitive sexual organ, the brain. The practice of tied hands is rarely the solution! The man who wears this cage is turned on by the metal and stainless steel that makes up the male chastity cage. He imagines that the longer he waits, the better the pleasure will be. He sees pleasure as a reservoir that must be filled. It is the function of the cage to fill this cup to the dregs! Women who practice psychological domination will think that it is enough to forbid pleasure to the submissive for him to obey. This submission collides with the truth of the male who will be tempted. It is common that the order is not always respected. It is then that a lock device must come into play, each ring of which will push the man to accept his state of inferiority.

Sexual pleasure is not free and his penis stuck in a cage will change his behavior. Unable to urinate standing up, he will always have to sit down. Difficult to go to the doctor for a consultation without the risk of having to explain. Not to mention leaving France, the detection gates will ring with a metal chastity cage. But the plastic models will pass without worry. It will be unimaginable to take sexual pleasure, abstinence will be the rule. The ability to climax will be ruined by the stainless metal of the cage, each ring of which effectively encloses the man’s penis. If he receives the cage in delivery ordered on the Internet, your partner may feel a form of humiliation by going to remove it, play it! And in case of error in the sizes of rings or the steel cage, the man will be responsible for the exchange. One more punishment! Chastity cages are usually in stock in three sizes (S, M or L) and choosing the right male size will be the secret to effective control and a comfortable fit. Find out about the stock of sizes available on our online store based in France. Avoid too attractive prices: you could be disappointed by the quality of your chastity cage!

A feeling before a reality

The feeling of submission is much more important than the act itself, it is the expected effect with a “chastity belt” as English speakers say. It becomes impossible to have normal sexual activity. No more penetration, no more masturbation and no more standing urination either. This is the goal sought by the submissive man and his partner. The chastity cage may be visible under clothing. Suggesting that the wearer’s penis is erect. Impossible, the rings of the metal cage prevent the penis from achieving an erection. Comfortable, the device that you will wear must not injure or risk injuring the man wearing it. This is the reason why metal models, ideally stainless steel, are always preferable to plastic ones. These can pinch the sensitive skin of the penis. The chastity cage must remain relatively restrictive and painful. But it is by betting on a minimum of comfort that sexual frustration will settle in the long term.

When to Wear a Chastity Cage

When you receive people (whether or not they are followers of the deprivation of sexual pleasure, by the way), it can be very exciting for the caged male not to know whether his cage is visible or not. It will be up to the imagination to rule. Is the visitor aware of the presence of this cage or not? The implications during this reception are up to you. Humor gets all the messages across. A sentence like “me, he is not likely to cheat on me, I control him” in front of the other person is extremely effective when this control really exists.

Real and reliable locking of the chastity cage

Common models of chastity cages are keyed and metal. A padlock or lock is included. We’ll come and lock the chastity cage. Two locking solutions exist. First with a padlock that will work with a key. It will therefore be necessary for the key holder to be present to release the person or to code. It is always possible to free the trapped man. Another solution, very exciting, is that of fillings. The cage is locked with a simple seal. Simple to break, this lock will be irreplaceable and authenticated by the number that the dominant will have taken care to note during installation. Thus, the alteration of the lock will be controlled easily. If the number is no longer the same, the lock on the chastity cage has been removed.

Prevent Erection

The penis is imprisoned in a solid chastity cage with several rings (in metal or rigid plastic). By its rigidity or by the pain it can cause, this device will block the erection. If an erection starts, the man will find himself with the penis blocked by the shape towards the bottom of the cage, for the “softest” models.

This is the case of the Hünkyjunk lockdown chastity cage. This chastity cage does not lock. But the thickness of the silicone is inconvenient to the point of preventing a hard and reliable erection. And, even, sex would be so constrained that no stimulation would be possible!


The metal models add a notch of difficulty to the erection. Of sufficient size to accommodate a flaccid penis, the El Castita chastity cage will be too narrow even for the start of an erection. Compression of the urethra will in any case prevent obtaining pleasure and increase the need for urination. Your submissive will understand that he has every interest in staying well behaved!


Prevent Pacing

Another possible action of chastity cages, they allow erection and prevent stimulation. Strong frustration, the man will only be able to have a tense and hard sex, he will not be able to do anything with it, neither penetration nor touching.

This is how the Blackline cage works which, if it limits the erection, prevents direct contact. The extremely fine steel mesh allows perspiration to pass through, that’s all!


There is also the brand new Cellmate in this category. This chastity cage 2.0 is worth its price. It can be remotely activated and programmable for wear that can last for minutes, hours, or days, depending on the deprivation desired.


Finally, its battery provides it with an autonomy of 8 to 12 months, for a planned port of up to 14 days in a row. These are weeks and weeks during which you won’t even have to touch anything to allow the submissive to access his penis. A click of a button to allow him a little freedom.

For more options and information on chastity cages, you can visit, a website dedicated to offering a variety of chastity cage products.

That concludes the exploration of the dynamics and considerations surrounding metal chastity cages and their role in BDSM practices.

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