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1st March 2024




Grenadians seeking medical attention can now experience a shift in traditional care at the various health facilities.

The Network Connectivity to Health Facilities project was completed and handed over to the various health institutions on Tuesday.

This project financed by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), under its Universal Service Fund Program was conceptualized by the Ministry of Health and seeks to create a health network that connects all medical stations in Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique.

These medical facilities, namely the Princess Alice Hospital, Princess Royal Hospital, Mt. Gay Hospital, the Richmond Home and all other health centers and medical stations will also be outfitted with access devices that will allow medical practitioners to access the Government’s Health Information System.

The system will also allow nurses and Doctors to input and update patient information electronically.

The execution of the project was awarded to Affordable Island Communications INC at a cost of  nine hundred and forty nine thousand dollars.

Minister for Health Social Security and International  Business  Nickolas Steele says this ICT system will enable the implementation of the  Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) for Xrays.

“It is with this investment in ICT into our public Health System that we can now throughout all of our health care facilities a PACS system, for instance this means that this health system can access x-rays taken anywhere else in Grenada, in fact anywhere else in the world where a PACS system is implemented.”

Gregory Bowen, Minister for Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transportation, and Implementation says this is a step in right directions for the advancement of health care.

“It is not ok to continue doing business the same way and expecting the same results. We not only serve local citizens, but we serve expats and visitors to our shores. Therefore, improving the way we do and deliver services is necessary.”

USF Administrator at the National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, Ms. Christa Burke – Medford used the occasion to outline several other projects the fund has spearheaded, including the provision of broad band services to the communities of Morne Longue and Darvey and specialized services to allow people with disabilities to access available technologies.

The Universal Service Fund was established by the Government of Grenada pursuant to the Telecommunications Act 31 of 2000, to promote or to otherwise provide Universal Service in Telecommunications.


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