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18th May 2024




Have you ever tried closing your eyes attempting to maneuver but find yourself tripping or bumping into objects?

That’s part of the daily challenge of blind or visually impaired individuals.

Today one man shares his challenges getting around and the impact of covid 19 on his life and livelihood.

Jamal Phillip is a father, husband, and teacher who became blind at the tender age of three.

His daily challenges begin from the time he sets foot out his door in the morning and catching the bus to work at the resource center for the blind.

He explained that without assistance at times it is difficult for him to navigate and get to work on time.

He told GBN that Covid 19 and its protocols do not work quite well for him as a blind person; something he believes should be given a thought.

Not only that, as a teacher, Jamal also work with students in schools that are blind, teaching brail and using devices.

Now, these students are put at a disadvantage, since the implementation of physical distancing.

Having firsthand knowledge of various restrictions and constraints, Jamal has bigger plans for people with disabilities, and how they can be empowered.

Phillip says the general public has been very helpful to him and for that, he is forever grateful. He encourages the public to extend the same kindness to other differently-abled individuals.

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