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21st July 2024




Brenda Wardally forbidden from practising Law here in Grenada.

Wardally was expelled from practice late last year.

The announcement, was made by a sitting high court judge.

President of the Grenada Bar Association Derick Sylvester explains the extent of her expulsion.

The public should be aware that her services will not be recognised by a court of law.

Sylvester had this to add.

According to reports, the conduct of the female Attorney came into question on multiple occasions.

As far back as December 2014, the High Court had brought forward a decision that the conduct of the female Attorney be referred to a disciplinary tribunal, where a determination could be made on whether she should be suspended from practice or struck from the roll for professional misconduct.

The decision was finally made to strike her off the books by a local legal body after a review was done.


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