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14th June 2024




The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers Union announced that Labour Commissioner Cyrus Griffith has ruled in their favour on two matters brought before him.

The first ruling involves the RBC Financial Caribbean Limited sale of its banking operations in the Eastern Caribbean which includes RBTT Grenada Limited.

The Union and the Bank were unable to resolve the matter of the RBTT Grenada Workers having the options as to the aspect of Successor Employer and other benefits enjoyed by the workers under the Collective Labour Agreement.

President of the Technical and Allied Workers Union Andre Lewis says the matter was heard by the Labour Commissioner, Cyrus Griffith who ruled that the workers of RBTT Grenada Limited are entitled to decide whether they wish to be terminated and receive termination allowance or continue with the new owners.

The second issue involves the intervention of the Labour Commissioner to conciliate in the matter between the union and First Caribbean International Bank, over the failure and subsequent refusal of the Bank to pay workers’ retroactive pay for overtime worked.

Labour Commissioner Griffith also recommended that the Bank and Union should meet to determine by mutual agreement, a schedule for the payment of the retroactive overtime.

While not disclosing the matters to be resolved, Lewis told GBN TAWU presently has several pending issues before the labour commissioner.

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