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17th May 2024






That’s the theme marking the observance of world hypertension day, observed annually on May 17.

The day is designated and initiated by the World Hypertension League, to increase the awareness of hypertension, commonly referred to as high blood pressure.

At the Ministerial Complex, the Ministry of Health on Friday conducted blood pressure checks and distributed flyers as a means of sensitizing people on the importance of a balanced blood pressure…

Hypertension is a condition that can affect people of any age.

The World Health Organization, having realized that the previously accepted figure of 140/90 led to numerous health complications, has now changed that figure to 120/80.

Dr. Sonia Nixon, Senior Medical Officer for Chronic Diseases, says peoples’ lifestyles need to change.

According to Dr. Nixon, more people are now affected with high blood pressure than before.

She advises regular checks, as there are conditions that can cause one’s pressure to go up.

Some of the conditions she alluded to are highly stressful jobs, anxiety, lack of sleep, and seen in many processed foods, high salt intake.

Dr. Nixon said the recommended amount of salt on a daily basis is less than five grams, or one teaspoon.

Stiffness in the neck, dizziness or even seizures are all symptoms of high blood pressure, that can become fatal if unmanaged.

Dr. Nixon advises the best times to check are early mornings or when the body is relaxed.

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