Grenada Broadcasting Network

25th May 2024




Grenada’s lone electricity supplier says it has been faced with a number of issues including spikes in electrical current, to fires, all as a result of Kite Flying.

GRENLEC says 31,000 customers have been affected by power outages over the last two years.

This they say can be traced back to kite flying.

Manager of Transmission and Distribution Eric Williams, says the challenges have been many.

From January 2017 to March 2019 there were 143 Kite flying incidents affecting over two thirds of Grenlec’s customers base.

Apart from power outages, power surges occurred, which can negatively affect appliances in homes and businesses.

Electrical Fires the Transmission Manager says would also be sparked when kites entangle with electricity lines.

He says this has caused a major strain on company resources, from fuel, transport to wear and tear to attend to emergencies created.

Manager of Planning and Engineering at GRENLEC Dwayne Cenac says there is also a risk of electrocution, for kite flyers.



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