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18th July 2024




The Junior Calypso Monarch semi-final is on this weekend.

This adds to the list of semi-finals for SMC’s major shows, beginning tomorrow night into Sunday.

The sixteen juniors will be looking to secure a spot in the finals on August 3rd.

The competition hits center stage this Saturday at Progress Park in St. Andrew.

The sixteen youngsters dipped for their order of appearance on Wednesday, all expressing confidence in their level of preparedness.

2016 Monarch Shanae Sylvan, (Mini Axe) who will be performing her song ‘Complexity of Man’ in position 15, explains her selection to GBN, saying its all about the brain and how people think, different people and their various perspectives.

No stranger to competition, Keneon Moses Joseph has experience both on the Junior and Senior stage.

He is hoping his song ‘say no to drugs’ will capture the judges’ attention.

“Am very confident and I know I will have a lot of competition, but am just going to do my best.” His song is directed to both drug users and non-drug users.

Chamar Marrast is one of the youngest contenders in the cast.

He tells GBN although some of the seasoned calpysonians complain there are no new topics to sing on, some of the issues are still relevant.

The Junior Calypso Semi Finals sings off on Saturday from 5pm at Progress Park in St. Andrew.

The young calypsonians are being prepped for the Competition by veteran calypsonian Eddison Francis, Teacher Eddie.




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