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21st May 2024




Judy Williams, a woman who championed the cause of people living in under-served communities, and who many young adults will credit for their educational success, has passed away.

During the last twenty or more years, Mrs. Williams served as Executive Director of the Grenada Community Development Agency, GRENCODA, which is based in Gouyave, St. John. It was the GRENCODA school books and uniforms programme that opened doors to many students whose parents could not afford to send them to school.

Mrs. Williams passed away on Thursday following a period of illness.

Benny Langaigne who is currently the Programmes Manager of the Grenada Community Development Agency (GRENCODA) said her legacy is a rich one.

Her role in community work dates back to the 1970s when she sought to help with the upliftment of women.

Prior to the Revolution, she was involved in the development of the agro-processing industry in Grenada using local fruits and vegetables to replace imported products.

In 1982 she played a pivotal role in the Grenfruit Women’s Cooperative which was founded in 1982.

The Grenada Code of Political Conduct is yet another creation that Ms. Williams was involved in.

In recent years, Mrs. Williams played more of a supporting role even as she sought to take care of her health.

In the lead-up to Grenada’s celebration of its 47th anniversary of independence last year she was invited to appear on GBN’s Beyond The Headlines programme although she made it clear that she was no longer doing media engagements.

In recognition of her commitment to national duty and undaunted contribution to community service Host, Odette Campbell handed her the honour of the night.

Mrs. Williams also served the Church as disclosed by Catholic Bishop Father Clyde Harvey in an interview with her in September of 2021.

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