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20th July 2024




Grenada Cancer Society has made it easier for the Oncology Department and its staff to ensure that they provide a more efficient chemotherapy service to people diagnosed with cancer.

In the face of staggering statistics from 2018 in which Dr. Barrymore Mc Barnette says there were 885 patients in the clinic, 93 being new patients and 145 on active treatment, the Grenada Cancer Society is aiding once more, by donating an Infusion pump to the Oncology Department.

The department has been without this essential piece of equipment for some time according to Dr. Mc Barnette, as he highlights that breast cancer remains the main type among women, prostate among men, with colon cancer also prevailing.

With an increase in lung cancer, the medical doctor welcomes the pump which he believes will raise the efficiency within the department.

Nyisha John representing the cancer society handed over the infusion pump to the oncology department.

Yunnis Baptiste oncology nurse received the pump on behalf of the department.

The oncology department was elated to receive the donated equipment, which is worth three thousand US dollars.

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