Grenada Broadcasting Network

18th May 2024




President of the Grenada Union of Teachers Jude Bartholomew is calling on social partners and the churches to encourage government to uphold the recent high court judgement on pension for public officers.

Not mincing words, Bartholomew lays blame at the feet of social partners for what he alleges is their role in government’s decision to dock their salary while protesting for public officers’ benefits in 2018.

With an eye on their next move, Bartholomew reminded the church that it is public officers who fill their pews.

Bartholomew shared his hurt as he watched his colleagues struggle to upkeep their medical needs after retirement but not yet at the age to qualify for old-age benefits from the National Insurance Scheme.

He said there are other teachers and public officers who are forced to beg to survive.

Bartholomew reminds the churches in particular that it is teachers and other public officers that go to church, teachers of first communion and confirmation, building schools, and in church put their little money in the collection basket.

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