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25th May 2024




Grenada Organization for Consumer Affairs is calling for the enactment of the consumer rights legislation.

GRENOCA President, Milton Coy says the concern was again raised during a public forum coinciding with the observance of world consumer rights day, observed on March 15th.

World consumer rights day 2019 was celebrated under the theme “trusted smart products”.

To mark the day a public forum was held at the Grenada Boys Secondary School, engaging stakeholders such as the FIU, Bureau of Standards, among other entities.

Coy says for too long consumers remain unprotected. He says it’s an injustice to pass a law since in December 2017 and not enact it.

Coy says his organization’s main focus since its founding is to educate consumers.

The process he says has started in schools.

Their intention is to get consumers to a point of knowing the quality of product and services they should expect.

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