Grenada Broadcasting Network

24th May 2024




Officials from the Ministry of Education said there are no Grenadian students in Ukraine but there are in Russia and neighboring countries and if necessary they are prepared to shatter them home.

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that there are no Grenadian students in Ukraine currently, however with five nationals studying in nearby countries including Russia, they are prepared to evacuate the students if needs be.

According to the permanent secretary in the ministry of education Norman Gilbert, the 5 students are not directly affected by the invasion and they are doing fine.

He says the students have been in contact with the ministry and Grenada’s ambassador to Russia and Ukraine along with family and Friends in Grenada, who are keeping them up to date on their status.

Almost a week ago, Russia launched a devastating attack on Ukraine bombing city centers and closing in on the capital, Kyiv, prompting a mass exodus of refugees.

P.S Gilbert explains that though the students are not in danger if there is any need to bring them home, the ministry can organize flights to get them to safety.


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