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22nd April 2024




A Grenadian has been recognized with the Commonwealth’s Point of Lights Award.

KizzyAnn Abraham, representing Grenada, is a leading sexual health activist who works with voluntary organisations to improve awareness of sexual health and gender equality and to tackle adolescent pregnancy.

Born to adolescent parents, she was inspired to become an advocate for young people on the island. Through the ‘Grenada Planned Parenthood Association’ and the ‘Grenada National Organisation of Women’, KizzyAnn has worked with young people to educate them about gender based violence, safer sex practices and consent.

KizzyAnn has also been a volunteer field officer with ‘GRENAIDS’, which works to tackle the stigma of HIV by deconstructing the myths surrounding the condition and providing support to prevent HIV transmission. She has also volunteered with ‘GrenCHAP’, a non-profit organisation working to promote sexual health awareness within the LGBT community.

Janet Douglas, UK High Commissioner in Grenada, said this recognition of her commitment and passion as a community advocate in tackling stigma and improving education around HIV/Aids and within the LGBT community make her a richly deserving Points of Light winner.”

KizzyAnn says it is moving to be recognized as a Commonwealth Point of Light.

“Every opportunity and experience has provided me with a chance to learn, and apply my knowledge. I am forever grateful to the many community members who entrusted me to deliver on their various community projects, with this award I hope to inspire others to volunteer in their own capacities to promote prosperity, democracy and peace.”

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