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25th May 2024




Grenada will share in US$30.6 million, which have been allocated towards an OECS regional health project.

The project launch took place on Tuesday at the Radisson Hotel.

Four countries of the region stand to benefit in the project, which seeks to build capacity in preparedness and response initiatives in health care.

Grenada’s portion, 6 million US dollars, will be utilized to strengthen health systems, improve preparedness capacities, and to respond to public health emergencies through 2024.

This was detailed by Health Minister, Nickolas Steele.

Health Centers, medical stations and the General Hospital are also targeted for improvement.

Minister Steele added that the infrastructure and operations of the public health laboratory at the general hospital will be enhanced, with support provided to the health emergency planning and operations. Additionally training will be provided for staff to support the project.

The OECS Health project will address the specific needs of individual countries.

Other territories to benefit from the funding are Dominica with 3 million dollars, St. Lucia and St. Vincent with 6 million each, 6.6 million to CARPHA and 3 million towards the OECS.

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