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18th May 2024




Republic Bank has donated the first ever cancer mobile screening unit to the Grenada Cancer Society.

The unit, valued at over one hundred and thirty five thousand EC dollars, was made possible under Republic Bank’s “Power to make a difference” programme.

The Cancer Mobile Screening Unit is the first of its kind in Grenada and it is expected to provide needed intervention, in addressing the more critical need for early cancer screening.

Dr. George La Quis is the mastermind behind the mobile unit and former chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago cancer society.

Having already initiated a similar project in his home country, he says apart from screening, education also plays a pivotal role in the cancer prevention process.

“You go out there, you use the mobile for very specific purposes, yes it’s a screening center, but it’s an education center. You talk, you go out there, you give out pamphlets, you teach people what to eat, why they should eat it, people would not do things they done understand and doctors have a problem understanding a very simple thing. Doctors think if I give you the medicine, take it am the doctor. That’s wrong. People comply if they understand, so you must educate, educate, educate, its as simple as that,” he told Tuesday’s handing over Ceremony.

The Mobile Unit is completely outfitted with the necessary equipment which include, Examination table, seating, storage compartments and water storage facilities.

Managing director of Republic Bank, Keith Johnson says as part of the bank’s corporate responsibility, they are delighted to partner with the Grenada cancer society to help save lives throughout the tri island state.

Present at Tuesday’s handing over ceremony were government officials, including minister for health Nickolas Steele, members of the Grenada cancer society, staff members of Republic Bank and members of the medical fraternity.


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