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21st February 2024




The Government of Grenada has joined its OECS colleagues in ensuring that the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and its people receive immediate relief.

A pledge of one hundred thousand dollars to the Bahamas was announced by Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Philomena Robertson, during the weekly post cabinet brief.

In a statement from the Government Information Service, the prime minister is quoted as saying “it is a particularly difficult time for the people of the Bahamas, given the level of devastation we have witnessed. The real picture is not yet known, but what we do know, is that in times like these, we have to be our brother’s keeper. Fifteen years ago, when Grenada was battered by hurricane Ivan, many rushed to our aid and today, we are in a position to help our Caribbean brother. I have given assurances to my colleague prime minister that the government and people of Grenada stand ready and willing to assist in any way possible.”

When he addressed the opening of a regional conference in Grenada on Tuesday, Dr. Mitchell also spoke of the situation in the Bahamas. “Hurricane Ivan flattened Grenada with winds of 120 miles per hour. By contrast hurricane Dorian slammed into the Bahamas with winds of 185 miles per hour and at one point, the system did not move for several hours. Now this is a phenomenon we have not seen before, and it may force us to rethink the whole concept of disaster management,” he said.

Dr.  Mitchell  has  encouraged  Grenadians  at home  and  abroad  to  keep  their  Bahamian brothers and sisters in their thoughts and prayers.

Grenadians are being urged to make monetary donations only to the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) account number 121004900, at the Grenada Cooperative Bank.

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