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25th May 2024




Today, April 14, 2022 marks the 43rd anniversary of the
establishment of diplomatic relations between Grenada and the Republic of Cuba.
It was a bold step, taken in 1979, that heralded a new era of relations between Grenada
and Cuba that has blossomed into one of close friendship, mutual understanding and a
level of technical cooperation that has brought tremendous benefits to both countries.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Oliver Joseph has expressed gratitude to the
Government and people of Cuba for their overarching outreach towards the Government
and people of Grenada, through the technical cooperation programme.

He stated that the Cuban collaborators continue to provide yeoman service to Grenadians
and he reiterated the gratitude of the Grenadian people to the collaborators for their
dedication and sacrifice, and response to Grenada during the most challenging of times.
Minister Joseph said Cuba, as a Caribbean nation, must be supported, and Grenada
continues to issue a fervent and clarion call for the lifting of the embargo imposed by the
United States of America so that Cuba and its people can achieve their full development

As Grenada reflects on the history of its relations with Cuba today, Minister Joseph
expressed the hope that the relationship with Cuba will remain solid and rewarding,
characterised by mutual trust, mutual understanding and mutual benefits.

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