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18th May 2024




The national telecommunications regulatory commission in collaboration with other partners is working to improve the safety of seafarers by enhancing the channel of communication that can be more effective when it comes to distress calls.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission has embarked on an initiative that creates safety at sea for seamen through a Global Maritime Distress and Safety System aimed at improving the ability to respond to emergency calls at sea which fall under NTRC’s universal service fund.

A Global Maritime Distress and Safety System is designed to provide the rapid transfer of distress information from a sea vessel to the relevant rescuer teams as well as grasp the location among other key information.

Timothy Scott is the Telecommunication Engineer at the National Training Agency.

The project is estimated at a cost of 1.9 million dollars and will be initiated in 3 parts, the first of which will be the erection of a search and rescue Coordination center at the Grenada Coastguard Base with a backup at NADMA headquarters.

The system will be able to transmit between 25 to 30 miles off Grenada’s shore and will benefit various agencies in Grenada

The contractor for the project is Island communication INC.


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