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24th May 2024




The Nephrology department at the general hospital is presently in search of local kidney donors, as four Grenadians are in line for transplants in Guyana soon.

It’s great news for Four Grenadian kidney patients who are to receive kidney transplants at the Georgetown nephrology and Kidney transplant department in Guyana.

Nephrologist and survivor of end-stage renal disease; Dr. Jermaine Bristol – Stanisclaus says the assistance from Guyana is as a result of the high cost associated with dialysis treatment and organ transplants locally.

The nephrology department at Grenada’s general hospital is in the process of securing donors for the initiative.

Dr. Bristol Stanisclaus who has had a kidney transplant done on both herself and her son last year in Guyana, says they are willing to assist especially young people in getting back to a normal life.

The Nephrologist urges people to care for their kidneys and gave recommendations on how best to do so.


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