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20th July 2024




Government says it remains committed to finding a solution to the pension challenge.

However, government has not admitted or denied reports of a possible appeal.

The Grenada Government in a release following the pension court judgement says it continues to be committed to solving the complex issue of pension for public service workers.

While it is understood that there are no easy solutions, government’s statement reads that the national dialogue must continue on the matter.

According to the release, The issue of the lack of a pension scheme for public sector workers has been in contention for a generation and has been inherited by this, and previous governments.

The release notes that Tuesday’s ruling by the High Court has added another dimension to the longstanding issue.

According to government, The High Court ruling delivered on Tuesday, declared that The Pensions (Disqualification) Act Cap 230A as amended is unconstitutional, null, and void, insofar as it sought to modify pre-independence/ constitution pension laws.

As such, the Court held that the pre-independence pension laws continue to be the pension scheme applicable for the payment of pension to public officers joining the service after February 1985.

Government’s release says the High Court commented on the need for the Court of Appeal to clarify its ruling and the applicability of the McQueen case on the state of the pension laws in Grenada.

The release says the latest court ruling has deep and serious implications for the economic viability of the state, and in discussing the way forward, due consideration must be given to these matters.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell had previously maintained that there was no pension while hinting at their willingness to pay.

Government now awaits the written judgment, following which it intends to initiate a meeting with the trade unions to discuss the implications of the ruling and to chart the way forward.

Government reiterates its commitment to doing right by every sector of the national community.


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