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25th May 2024




Grenada’s Sports Minister will leave the island on Monday to look at light samples for the National Stadium.

This he says follows a commitment from government to have the National Cricket Stadium lit in 2019.

Grenada on Monday and Wednesday, hosted the 3rd and 4th one day international matches against England, though Monday’s game was suspended as a result of rain.

Wednesday’s game however was hailed by stakeholders as “an excellent event”.

However the question as to when Grenada’s cricket stadium will be lighted has again reared its head, as other regional territories had the ability to commence matches at 11am, while Grenada’s matches were scheduled from 9:30am, due to the unavailability of lights at the Cricket Stadium.

GBN took the concern to the Sports Minister Norlan Cox.

He says they are working speedily to address the issue; however they had encountered some setbacks, both on the technical side and the financial side

He says there were some changes to the initial plan, with a proposed moved from halogen to LEDs, with consideration for the longevity of the lights.

The changes ultimately led to cost variances, impacting financing, which meant Government having to re-negotiate.

With new managers coming into play, the Minister told GBN it further delayed the implementation.

The Minister will leave the island on Monday, accompanied by a team of technical professionals, for the United States to look at light samples.

He however opted not to give timelines for implementation, but says it is a top priority for Government for this year.

Thanking stakeholders like the Grenada Cricket Association and police, the Sports Minister says Grenada has gotten great reviews from the Wednesday event and the likelihood of attracting future matches is high.

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