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25th May 2024




Grenada National Council for the disabled is adding its voice to road safety.

On Friday the GNCD joined with other stakeholders to host a one day workshop, geared at enlightening people on road safety as it relates to persons with disabilities.

The Bikers association, bus association, Traffic department, NaDMA and other stakeholders were all represented at Fridays Road safety measures workshop.

It’s all in an effort to bring about an awakening to persons with disability on the nations’ roads.

Minisha David field officer attached to the GNCD is advocating that motorist treat people with disabilities the way they would treat an ordinary citizen.

Often times she says they are ridiculed disregarded and disrespected and verbally abused by some drivers.

She urged motorist to be cautious, as often times disabled or visually impaired individuals may appear normal when in fact they are not.

“Everybody is the same, so put the person before the disability. So not because they look different from us or they are not capable of doing some of the things that we do… mind you, they can do things that we can’t… so it goes both ways. So treat them with respect, just as you would anybody else.” David advocates.

Sergeant Ryan Smith of the Traffic department says not enough attention and regard is given to people with disabilities.

He finds the workshop timely, as he highlights some of the factors that lead to road accidents and injury.


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