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18th May 2024




A number of precautionary measures taken at the general hospital to prevent the spreads of covid-19 have been eased and new guidelines are being implemented for people visiting the general hospital.

The Ministry of Health on Tuesday resumed some services at the General Hospital including visits to patients.

Services were scaled down as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic but as of Tuesday these restrictions were discontinued with some new guidelines.

Acting Medical Director at Hospital Services Dr. Tyiesha Donald outlined the new guidelines to be followed when visiting the General Hospital.

Dr. Donald says they will start by doing temperature checks for persons visiting as well as an increase in signage across the hospitals across Grenada. She says they will be increasing the number of sinks that are on the compound

Dr Donald explained the changes to be expected on the various wards.

it would be one visitor per patient at a given time to avoid over crowding of the wards. for the paediatric ward for this period one parent will be allowed to spend time with their child. If both parents wants to spend time with the child they will have to share the time.

intensive care being a restricted area only one person will be allowed to visit at a time.

Visiting hours are from 11 am to 12:30 pm and 3:00 to 5:30

For outpatient clinics appointment must be scheduled with an approximate half hour estimate per patient. People will no longer be allowed to go early to clinic to wait their turn.

La service continues with only six people allowed in the waiting area at a given time. X-RAY and ultrasound services will only be done by appointment. Oncology services continue.   Clinic resumed also this week and surgeries are expected to resume within two weeks.

Dr Donald said that this week is considered a test period for the general hospital with a review of the new measures reviewed next week.

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