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25th May 2024




This story is about one family who lost all their material possessions in a day due to a house fire; now they speak with pride as they remember what was seen as a tragedy to looking at their lives now filled with blessings.

After almost two and a half years without a proper roof over their heads, Joeann Cato and her family is saying thank you to everyone who assisted them in building their beautiful home.

Back in December of 2019, just 2 months after losing her grandson, Joeann Cato and the rest of her family were struck by another tragedy, losing their home to a fire that destroyed everything they owned. This left 17 people homeless which include children and grandchildren.

Cato says she remembered the incident like yesterday.

The family, who presently lives in St Patrick, is now comfortable in a 3-bedroom house with a small downstairs. The new wooden structure started with help from the government of Grenada, pastors, and members of the River Sallee Pentecostal Church, the National Democratic Congress, M&N hardware, and the Grenada Seventh Day Adventist Church, who spearheaded the project.

The grandmother expressed gratitude to all who came to their aid at a time of need.

The family is presently working on an inside toilet facility for their home.


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