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14th June 2024





The works ministry is taking steps to ensure the former Parliament Building’s structure is maintained.

GBN news understands that the concern is further growth of vegetation on the property may affect the structural integrity of the building.

York House, a cradle of overgrown shrubs and bushes, has begun to get a face-lift.

The negative effects of roots penetrating the concrete, has prompted the action of the major clean-up.

Works Minister Gregory Bowen told GBN via telephone that the immediate plan is to clean-up the area, with major focus on preserving artefacts within.

The minister said the roots of trees can cause structural damage. As they look forward to the rebuilding process, some of the good structures in the town of St. George in particular and throughout the tri-island state, government has embarked on the first phase of the York House building. The contractor ‘cuff engineering’ is mandated to keep all  artefacts, that are likely to be reused the minister said.

It is recorded that York House was purchased in 1801; it housed the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court.

York House then, was the largest public building in town, and was used for concerts, speech nights and grand balls.

Visiting artists would perform there, and the St Joseph’s Convent Annual operettas were eagerly awaited. Special public meetings were held there, until the Anglican Church Hall, which was built about 1902 on the same street, became the preferred venue.

Since 2005, there was a clamour by the Willie Redhead Foundation that the Parliament building be rebuilt at the same location however Government took a decision to use the Mt. Wheldale property.

Minister Bowen says the future plans for York House, has not yet been decided.

Bowen said there are plans for a new legal complex, a court building. ‘So what should go there?”, the question is asked. The works minister said there are suggestions for a library, but its something they are yet to reach a conclusion on and do a  proper design in order to move the city and its aesthetics to a much greater height, he said .

The Willie Redhead foundation in reacting to news about the clean-up says it is a welcomed move as they have called for such, over the past fourteen years.



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