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21st July 2024




Whatever happens to the common cold as we know it? are people afraid to sneeze, cough, or blow their noses in public out of fear of being judged for having covid 19?

With the presence of the covid 19 pandemic, this strain of the virus appears to have gone into isolation.

What happened since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to the common cold – did you notice?

Random Grenadians were asked, what is the last time you remember having the flu? Here are some feedbacks from the public.

School is one place where transmission of contagious viruses and diseases are prevalent; the common cold is one such virus that passes from one child to the other through interaction.

However, teacher at the Grand Mal Pre School Ms. Alexander says she too has noticed that the students have not been down with the cold in a long time.

Speaking to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Dr. Francis Martin, he said that the mode of transmission for influenza or flu is similar to that of Covid 19. They have seen a drastic reduction.

One may consider it a positive side to covid-19. Here’s how Dr. Martin rationalizes his findings. He thanked the populace for entrusting them with their efforts in keeping the country safe.

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