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17th July 2024




Five women are facing charges in connection with the disappearance of in excess of $100, 000.00 worth of clothing and other personal items from the Seasons Fashion Store in the city.

Those charged include Curlian Phillip, who is originally from Beausejour, Carriacou but resides at La Sagesse, St. David.

The other four are Eri Baptiste and Joan Phillip of Darbeau, St. George, Petra Ross and Gail Richards of Grand Roy St. John.

Richards is the only person who has been charged but was never an employee of the store.

The five women appeared before Chief Magistrate Teddy St. Louis at the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court on Friday and the case has been adjourned to September 21st.

They employees and Miss Richards were arrested and charged between  October and December last year.

Sources told GBN that the Proprietor started paying closer attention to her operations after a few tell-tale signs.

Among other things, the store owner reportedly noticed a significant decline in profit margin.

She also observed the disappearance of  several items which were placed into stock, with no evidence that they were sold.

Experts say,  employee theft is also a common problem in clothing stores, and it can be more challenging to detect than shoplifting by customers.

Store owners have been provided with various tips about how they can protect themselves.

The first step is that of conducting background checks on all potential employees before hiring them.

Store owners have also been advised to limit employee access to high-value items, cash registers, and storage areas where merchandise is kept and to monitor employee activity by using surveillance cameras, software, or other tools to monitor employee activity.

The conduct of regular audits is also listed as a key loss prevention strategy. It has been proven that audits of inventory levels and cash registers helps to ensure that merchandise is not being stolen or sold at a discount.

Business Leaders believe that by implementing these strategies, clothing store owners and managers can help prevent employee theft and protect their business from losses.

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