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17th June 2024




With CSEC and cape exams scheduled to begin next month, under fairly new conditions brought about by the covid-19 pandemic, students’ access to the internet has become more critical.

On this backdrop regional bank CIBC First Caribbean has joined efforts to donate computer to the Ministry of Education.Regional bank CIBC First Caribbean recently donated $22 000 and 22 desktop computers to the Ministry of Education. With the $22,000, from the bank’s regional charitable arm – the First Caribbean International Com Trust Foundation, the aim is to assist the Ministry of Education in achieving its current goal for a laptop pool numbering 2000.

An additional 22 desktop computers, from the bank’s local branches will also go towards educational use.

In preparation for the annual exams, and to promote E-learning in the future, the Ministry of Education announced its goal at procuring 2000 laptops, to enable students to participate in E-Testing programmes and take their examinations online.

In recent years the introduction of the paperless exam system had been growing rapidly, but the pandemic created a much needed drive that made it imperative that a more rapid transition is achieved.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Kevin Andall said the Education Ministry continues to work on a number of innovations surrounding connectivity for students and teachers and online platforms for classroom learning.

According to the P.S heavy investment has been placed on high-speed Internet connections for both schools and communities, as this is now becoming a necessity and not a luxury, or even a choice.

CIBC First Caribbean’s Country Manager, Nigel Ollivierre noted the future of the nation, lies in the hands of the youth and their access to education. He maintained the bank has a social responsibility to assist and support the online education drive, which is no longer pending, but present.

Laptops will be distributed to exam centres, throughout the country, for students scheduled to take the 2020 examinations, with strict adherence to social distancing protocols in place.

On completion of each cycle, the laptops will be returned to the pool, under the authority of school principals or designated personnel, who will be responsible for both the acceptance and the undamaged return of the equipment to the Ministry of Education.

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