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25th May 2024




In a matter of weeks most if not all students of primary and pre-primary schools on the island will have their e-devices in hand.

Some teachers already received their lap tops.

Primary school students can look forward to having their E-devices by the end of February; however students of the pre-school level will have to wait a little longer before accessing theirs.

That’s the latest information supplied by the Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Miss Angela Finley.

The first batch according to the CEO is presently on island.

The configuration of the devices will be done by a technical team from the ministry and would be given to students in a matter of weeks.

Already students and teachers at the secondary level have their devices in hand.

She says all teachers at the primary and pre-primary level should have their laptop in hand by Friday January 15th.

Some teachers the CEOs say have opted not to accept the device.

The devices will be given to students from Kindergarten to grades six.


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