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17th June 2024




Employees, employed with Albarado Company are calling on the labour Commissioner to do something about what they deemed, discrimination of workers at their job site in Egmont.

Another batch of disgruntled workers say they have been treated unfairly, and have been underpaid for almost two years. They are now requesting the money they are owed for overtime, holidays and weekend work.

These employees say they turned up for work on Monday however following a meeting held the same morning they were sent home.

This employee named Kellon says he has been with the company named Albarado for the past eighteen months.

GBN visited the work site located at Egmont, Calivigny St. George Tuesday morning.

This worker was not sent home however he says he is speaking out for what is right. He says they been operating under what appears to be duress for the longest time.

One man performing three man’s task for minimal wage is this young man’s cry taking the building from foundation to roof and now he too was sent home.

They say being sent home for two weeks gives them no guarantee they will be back after that time has expired.

The young men say they are weary and have now turned to the media as their final option.

They want the relevant authority to look into workers plight.

Speaking to the site manager Samuel Mason, he said he is not permitted to speak to the matter at hand as legal action is likely.EGMONT, CAL



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