Grenada Broadcasting Network

19th May 2024




Last week the Minister said Francette Williams had resigned.

Other reports in circulation said that was not the case.

The Minister was asked to say what the real position was.

The Minister did say on GBN’s To The Point Program that Mrs. Williams had resigned.

During Tuesdays’ Ministerial briefing she was pressed on the subject based on the reports that the Airport Manager never tendered her resignation.

The whole issue stemmed from Grenada lacking firefighting aggregates at the airport and this resulted in the airport losing its category nine certification.

It happened under the watch of Mrs. Williams and the government was furious because it came just as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways had announced the resumption of services.

The chain of events seem blurry as to whether she jumped or was pushed. Whichever way the cookie crumbled or the knitwear unravelled, there’s no doubt that Francette Williams has taken the fall for causing major embarrassment to the country.

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